The average work week is 59 hours and the weekly earnings are $12.98.
Gross annual wages average $675. Teachers earn $325 per year.

What it costs
    here's what you can buy...

  • Steak (14 per lb.)
  • Butter (16 per lb.)
  • Eggs (24 per dz.)
  • Milk (14 per 1/2 gal.)
  • Sugar (30 per 5 lb. bag)

The first World Series is played
between the American League (Pilgrims) and the National League (Pirates).


The first Comic Book appears in 1904.

1901 President McKinley is assassinated.

Oklahoma enters the union in 1907.
We now have 46 states.

The turn of the century is a time of transition and progress.

December 17, 1903

1st Flight

The Wright Brothers make their first flight at Kitty Hawk, South Carolina.
Their 750-pound aircraft makes the first “heavier than air” flight.

Henry Ford introduces the Model-T and we are a nation on the move!
The first cross country auto trip takes 52 days!
There are 8,000 cars and
10 miles of paved roads.
Cars cost $700-$900
Model T Speed Limit
12 mph in rural areas
8 mph in the city
The first taxicab takes to the streets of New York City in 1907.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Opens August 19, 1909
The first auto race is a two-lap, five-mile dash over a crushed stone and tar road.

- April 18, 1906 -
Earthquake and fire destroy most of San Francisco,
leaving 250,000 people homeless.

With the advent of mass production, the Industrial Age is under way.
Prices fall to an all time low and it is the era of consumerism.

Catalog sales soar. The Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward catalogs are read more than any other book - except the bible. They offer a variety of household products including houses.

1908 Sears Catalog
Sears Home Catalog
Sears Home Ad
Sears Catalog Ad
1910 Sears Catalog
Sears Home Catalog

The Sears Home Catalog offers 47 floor plans to choose from!

New Products
Hand Cranked Victrolas,
Vacuum Cleaners,
Kodak Brownie Cameras,
and Radios
Instant Coffee New Foods
Corn Flakes,
Ice Cream Cones,
and Instant Coffee

Immigration to the United States peaks at 1.2 million.
By the end of the decade, the U.S. population is 76,000,000.
The life expectancy is 46 years for men and 47 years for women.

You have been listening to
“Come Joseph With Me In My Flying Machine”
written by Fred Fisher in 1910.


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