1980 ~ 1989

totally awsome

College students earn advanced degrees
as the focus turns from marriage and family
to building professional careers and acquiring wealth.

Living in the suburbs and commuting to the cities,
these young urban professionals soon became known as   'YUPPIES'   and a new culture is born.
Wall Street

October 1985, British scientists discover the Ozone Hole.

Mount St. Helen
Mount St. Helen
Washington, U.S.A.

May 18, 1980

Mount St. Helen erupts with the force of a hydrogen bomb. It is the deadliest volcanic event in
U.S. history.

Killing 57 and reducing hundreds of square miles into desolate wasteland, it forever changes the face of this once majestic mountain.

The eruption of
Mount St. Helen

Mount St. Helen Eruption

July 1981, President Reagen appoints Sandra Day O'Connor
the first female Suprime Court Judge.

IBM 5150 PC
IBM Launches 1st PC
(Professional Computer)

A microcomputer - Model 5150 - with an Intel 8088 processor and 16 KB RAM, it uses cassettes to load and store information. IBM contacts a little known company (Microsoft) to write the operating system.

In 1985 Microsoft introduces WINDOWS, the next generation operating system.

1985 ~ 1990
Crack and cocain addition is up 35% and violent crime rates triple.

Royal Wedding
Millions of television viewers
watch the fairy tale wedding of
Lady Di and Prince Charles.


~ 1985 ~
The remains of the TITANIC are discovered 2 1/2 miles below the ocean's surface.

'84 CD ROMs
Doppler Radar '88
'86 Disposable Cameras
Hepatitis-B Vaccine '80
'89 High definition TV
Music Videos
Music Videos '81
SmurfWhat's New in the 80sSmurf
Disposable Contacts '87
Contact Lenses
Boom Boxes '81
'81 Trivial Pursuit
'83 Cabbage Patch Kids
Break Dancing
Smurfs '81

Geraldine Ferraro becomes the first female presidential candidate.

The space shuttle Challenger explodes 73 seconds into it's flight ~ none survive.
Back Row:
Ellison Onizuka,
Christa McAuliffe,
Gregory Jarvis,
Judith Resnik.
Crew of the Challenger Space Shuttle Front Row:
Michael J. Smith,
Dick Scobee,
Ronald McNair.
January 28, 1986

In 1983 the U.S. Public Health Service reports AIDS is not a threat to the general public. However, it soon reaches epidemic proportions and by 1985 a global crisis.

clean up
Workers hose down the rocky shore.
The Valdez oil tanker hits a reef in the Prince William Sound, spilling millions of gallons of oil on Alaska's shore.

~ March 24, 1989 ~
The day the ocean died.

The spill covers 1,500 miles of shoreline and kills more than
  • 250,000 sea birds
  • 3,000 otters
  • 300 harbor seals
  • 250 bald eagles
  • and 22 whales

December 21, 1988
A terrorist's bomb downs Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

A City Divided

Berlin corssing sign

There are eight border crossings between East and West Berlin. East German border guards are told that anyone attempting to breach the wall is a criminal and needs to be shot - even women and children.

The destruction of the Berlin Wall in November of 1989 paves the way for the reunification of Germany. Only a few small sections of the wall remain as a memorial.

Destroying the Berlin Wall

A City United

80's MegaMix
Hit songs of the 1980s


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